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Medical, wellness

and personal care

accessible to

everyone, anytime,

anywhere in the world.

It is no longer a utopia.

This is flyCARE’s

bienvenue sur

Intro slide 2

3 years of development

now allow us to offer the possible

Become a service provider

Easily access care and services

A unique currency,

anywhere in the world,

in a secure environment

Become a care provider and start immediately at no cost.

Medical and well-being care at home with no compromise.

Ergonomic & hygienic equipment designed with mobility in mind.

A unique ecosystem connecting practitioners, patients and suppliers.

Discover flyCARE's vision

Discover the project

What is flyCARE?

flyCARE offers personal-care service providers a unique solution that integrates a contact platform and applications, but also, through flyBOX, all the hardware and consumables needed to run the service.

a triple revolution: for the patient, the practitioner and the care industry.

Unlock access to care while offering new opportunities for practitioners (flyPRO).

details in sections 1 & 3

flyCARE App application

in sync with the digital economy and new modes of consumption.

Each patient in contact with a recognized and validated practitioner in real time, for home care services, at a reduced cost. flyCARE is a turnkey solution designed by a pioneering industrial player in medical equipment in order to improve communication between practitioners and their patients, and adapted to the way the digital economy operates. It is this combination of a revolutionary hardware (flyBOX) allowing a quality home care, on the one hand, and on the other hand, an application designed for the new modes of consumption, which makes flyCARE an complete and unparalleled offer for the patient and the provider.

More visibility for healthcare providers, fast and accurate service for their patients.

Download our interactive mockups!

iphone FlyPro & HappyFly | help.

android FlyPro & HappyFly.

details in section 3.A

The flyBOX

Equipment designed for home care with revolutionary ergonomics and hygiene.

flyBOX has been designed with the help and recommendations of healthcare professionals for each specialty.

Two years of research and development have enabled flyCARE to produce the flyBOX, the perfect module for home care, easy to use and easily transportable. In collaboration with NWT Germany, flyCARE has benefited from an industrial experience established for more than 20 years in the beauty, paramedical and medical sectors. NWT is ISO 13485 certified.

Complex integrated features.

Unrivaled work ergonomics for the patient and the practitioner.

Impeccable hygiene.

details in section 3.B

Dynamic and innovative logistics

adapted to the consumables used daily by care professionals and aligned with trends in the relevant industry.

The flyBOX is not only a solution of hardware or small equipment; it also incorporates the necessary consumables that the practitioner will need while providing care, but also that he/she would like to offer clients/patients (sales not purchases), when the profession so allows.

A flyCARE collaboration with industry.

Simplified Refills.

Access for the practitioner to the flyCARE industrial partnerships allows him/her to have access to the best purchasing conditions.

details in section 3.C

In partnership with the consumable industry,

the care professional can access practical work/continuing education to hone his/her skills.

flyCARE, having established partnerships with industrial players present in relevant specialties, will provide a continuum of permanent, complementary training through practical exercises that are locally organized by its industrial partners.

The partnership between flyCARE professional practitioners and manufacturers of consumables will enable leaps in science, research and product development. Direct communication for more efficiency and better results in everyday life.

details in section 3.D

flyCARE provides care professionals with access to flybox hardware without any initial investment.

Access to the profession is often expensive, requiring a substantial financial capital base to acquire the necessary material in order to conduct business, without guarantee of an immediate financial return. The real estate aspect is also an important point in this investment. A business setting will require a financial security deposit and the payment of rent in advance. flyCARE offers its partner professionals easy access to their profession by registering online and receive their flyBOX equipment in order to start working immediately.

The flyBOX integrates the necessary equipment for care, small equipment, consumables care.

details in section 3.E

flyCARE, a secure platform for financial transactions as well as for the profiles of users and professional caregivers.

flyCARE will build a user-friendly mobile platform (Mobile App) that will be integrated into the Blockchain ecosystem in order to ensure transparency, security and efficiency of transactions and payments at a lower price via tokens.

details in section 3.F

steel molds

flyBOX required 3 years of development,
61 plastic injection molds & tooling,
and 75 tons of steel.


The assembly of the fyBOX started
in anticipation of our introduction of
21 professions across 22 urban cities.

Every profession is unique; flyBOX is customized to fit each occupation.

03/04/05, 2018

flyCARE has started to present the flyBOX
at European trade shows in the field of wellness
in Germany, Italy, Holland and Belgium. (O3/04/05, 2018)


flyCARE facilitates access to the profession
for all professionals, without any investment.

21 professions proposed to date.


flyCARE connects professionals and users through an online application
for ergonomic and hygienic proximity care.
At any place and at any time.


the totoCARE provides the wishing practitioner
with an easy-to-use electrical transport,
in line with the essence of flyCARE and its flyBOX

(collage 7) Stay tuned!

flyCARE becomes available in our first city

Stay tuned, it might be your hometown!


ERC20 Tokens

The flyCARE platform will use the FCC token as a payment means.

Smart Contracts

These rely on Blockchain technology to make their terms and the conditions of their executions forgery-proof.

Transaction Integrity

The registration of transactions (in FCC) will be made on a tamper-proof registry shared between all users, ensuring their permanent traceability.

Automated Validation

The flyCARE platform will automatically check that the conditions are fulfilled and will then execute the terms of the contract accordingly (debit the customer's digital asset, and credit the flyPRO’s).

details in section 3.F

Roadmap - 2015

January 2015

flyCARE/flyBOX project kicked off


March 2015
Finalization of the specifications booklet for flyCARE, mechanics, flyBOX electronics

June 2015

First design layout flyCARE Apps and flyBOX


September 2015
First prototype flyCARE Apps and flyBOX


December 2015
Second prototype flyCARE Apps and flyBOX

Roadmap - 2016/2017

June 2016

Launch of the manufacturing of injection tools, plastics and others for flyBOX, 25 in total


December 2016
First delivery of injection parts

March 2017

Second validation of injection molds


March 2017

First new flyBOX assembly

April 2017
Final validation of the flyCARE App and the flyBOX


Roadmap - 2017 / 2018

June 2017

Launch of flyBOX manufacturing


September 2017

Launch of purchases for mass production

November 2017

ICO project kicked off

March 1st, 2018

Opening of flyCARE company in Brussels, Belgium


May 2nd, 2018
Opening of the flyCARE website & White Paper

Roadmap - 2018 continued

May 7th, 2018

Opening the registration procedure for the pre-sales


May 14th, 2018

pre-sales starts

ICO flyCARE coins

June 11th, 2018

Main sales,
ICO flyCARE coins

July 14th, 2018

Closing of ICO sales

Sept, 2018

Rollout in City 1
Roadmap - 2019

12 2018

Rollout in Cities 2>5

01 2019

Rollout in Cities 6 > 10

03 2019

Rollout in Cities 7 > 11

06 2019

Rollout in Cities 12 > 16

09 2019

Rollout in Cities 17 > 21

12 2019

Rollout in Cities 22 > 25


Contact details

Avenue de la Floride, 3
1180 Brussels

VAT BE 690 852 608


+32 2 319 76 82


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